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Water Resources East has had a number of publications released so far. From initial reports that contributed to WRE’s establishment to those which map out in detail our strategic approaches and management plans.

Partners and stakeholders have also been discussing WRE, their involvement in it, or relation to, the wider water resource management strategies of the programme.

Below are links to the collection of resources available. This will be updated as reports and articles are published so check back regularly to stay up-to-date.


1.December 2017 research.

Water in the American West: Balancing the competing need for water in water scarce catchments.

Researched and written by Steve Moncaster the report was used as a case study of how to balance reliability, sustainability and affordability in water supply systems where there is significant uncertainty about the future availability of resources. Moncaster’s study into water management in the American West greatly informed the working methodologies WRE is based on leading to the first practical application of advanced, multi-sector DMUU planning methods in the UK.

A link to the report (PDF) can be found here.


2. January 2018 WRE strategy document.

A multi-sector approach to providing long term resilience for regional water resources: our emerging strategy.

 Published to coincide with a visit from the National Infrastructure Commission the 2018 strategy document sets out the vision, mission, and next steps for the WRE programme including the research and results of regional vulnerabilities that drove WRE forward in its initial phase. It also lays out the emerging WRE asset management strategy for securing water supplies for the future.

A link to the strategy document (PDF) can be found here.


3. April 2018 WRE tool kit.

New models for collaborative working – Water Resources East: A guide for innovative, multi-sector, regional resource planning – an Anglian Water perspective.

Published as part of Anglian Water’s outputs for Business in the Community’s Responsible Business of the Year programme, the WRE tool kit acts as an accessible and in-depth complementary resource. Building on the technical aspects of the January strategy document it also includes interviews with key stakeholders as well as details on governance structures and summaries of next steps and lessons learnt.

The WRE toolkit has already been widely circulated with each delegate receiving a copy during the WRE launch in July 2018.

A link to the toolkit (PDF) can be found here.


4. July 2018 Mott MacDonald Water and Wastewater Treatment article. 

Opinion: We need to talk about water.

 Written by Dr Sally Watson, global practice lead for water resource management at Mott MacDonald, the article discusses the importance of collaboration with all water users, focusing on long term planning, and centering water planning methods around a hydro-social cycle within a social context. Mott MacDonald are a key technical partner with WRE and have been integral in helping to shape the new way of working and thinking in water resource management that WRE is founded on.

A link to the article (web page) can be found here.

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