WRE meets with Michael Gove

Water Resources East, as part of the Water for Food Group, met with the Secretary of State for environment, farming, and rural affairs Michael Gove to discuss the government response to increasingly unpredictable weather and the likely hood of abstraction reform. Continue reading…

Water Resources East Public Launch

Water Resources East has officially been launched.

After four years of intensive technical work and stakeholder engagement, Water Resources East (WRE) resource management strategy was officially launched to the public on 9th July 2018 at the Epic Centre, Lincoln.

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Black Sluice partnership event

A stakeholder workshop was held on 25th November 2016 to developĀ an integrated, multi-sector solution to water resource management in the Black Sluice catchment, South Lincolnshire.

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The National Picture

A report has been published today by Water UK (13 September) which shows the national risk of drought across England and Wales is significant and growing.

The group which led the work comprised of water companies, regulators and government representatives across England and Wales and was independently peer reviewed by a panel of academic experts.

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Group shot

Technical work kicks off


The WRE Leadership Group met today (23 May 2016) to discuss the factors that will be considered for the technical work. The multi-sector group discussed the potential trade-offs between sectors that could protect the reliability of water supplies and the outcomes they would collectively like to achieve through WRE.

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