Black Sluice partnership event

A stakeholder workshop was held on 25th November 2016 to develop an integrated, multi-sector solution to water resource management in the Black Sluice catchment, South Lincolnshire.


On 25th November 2016, an event was held in South Lincolnshire, to present the working concepts of integrated water resources management to wider stakeholders, and discuss how different sectors can work together to find a multi-sector solution for the area. A keynote speech was delivered by the WRE Leadership Group Chairman, Henry Cator OBE DL, which highlighted the importance of collaboration, and the benefits which could be created for stakeholders, communities and the environment.

The South Lincolnshire Water Partnership was formed through the WRE project, bringing together public water supply, flood risk management, agriculture, environment, business, tourism and leisure sectors in the area.

The partnership is aiming to find a multi-sector water resource management solution for the Black Sluice catchment, encompassing the South Forty Foot Drain and surrounding areas and water courses. Workshops have been taking place since Spring 2016, bringing together different sectors’ ideas, priorities and requirements to find innovative, integrated solutions to managing water in the catchment.

In the face of an uncertain future, there are likely to be significant increases in water demand due to climate change and population growth. Multi-sector projects can help to find innovative, integrated, local solutions to create sustainable, reliable water sources for the future, and manage this precious natural resource for generations to come.

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